Domestic violence against women not only impacts their psychological, emotional and physical well-being, it also inhibits their active participation in civic, social and economic life. When thinking about the consequences of domestic abuse, it is important to consider the impact (mental, emotional, physical, social and financial) on the individual survivor and theirfamily and children, and also the wider societal costs including the costs of police, health and other service responses. Domestic violence also has profound economic impacts on European countries; costing an estimated 259 billion euro per year across the EU; with violence against women costing 226 billion of that sum (EIGE, 2014).

Domestic violence devastates families and communities across Europe. Families are meant to be the bedrock of our society. They are a safe environment for children to grow and develop; surrounded by care and love. When the bedrock is fractured, society crumbles. It is for this reason that the EMPOWER project aims to support these families, especially families at-risk of violence, to build their resilience to prevent domestic violence; through the development of unique, age-appropriate education materials that can be applied to a Family-learning environment, to empower all family members to address violence in the home.